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Fingerprints Cufflinks in sterling silver

Fingerprints Cufflinks in sterling silver

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Fingerprint Kit

Baby & Kids Fingerprints Cufflinks in 925 sterling silver made using your loved ones’ actual fingerprints. Also available in solid 10k yellow, white or rose gold.

You can use our Fingerprint Kit to get imprints of babies, adults and animals.

Each piece is made to order in our studio in New York. Every piece of our jewelry comes in our signature Matanai packaging, complete with a polishing cloth and care instructions.

Material: 925 sterling silver
Dimension: approximately 14mm


Please allow us up to 4 weeks to fabricate and customize your pieces. You'll receive an e-mail confirmation with a tracking number as soon as you order is finished and dispatched.

Taking Handprints & Footprints

We can work either with handprints / footprints you already have or we can provide a simple Print Kit so you can take your prints easily at home. Our Print Kits are sent free of charge and should be delivered within 2-3 business days of your order date. You can e-mail your prints back to us (scan or photo).


Taking Fingerprints

Our Fingerprint Kits are sent free of charge and should be delivered within 2-3 business days of your order date. After you receive our Fingerprint Kit you can take your imprints easily at home and mail them back to us.

Fingerprint Kit is not recommended for children under 1 year old as their prints may not be defined enough. However it depends on each child and we recommend to inspect your child’s fingers before ordering your jewelry.

Your finished piece will look exactly like the wax imprint. Make sure you like your wax imprint before sending it back to us. You could also send us a picture of your wax imprint before mailing it back to us.

There is no extra charge for double-sided fingerprint pieces.

Text Engraved on the Back

You can choose between initials, first name or hand written name to be engraved on the back of your jewelry. You can also include your child’s birth date. If you chose the hand written name option, please ask your child to write her / his name on any clean piece of paper and send it to us along with the prints.

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